Plisse blinds


Plisse is a folding fabric roller-blind that dresses your windows, makes the interior cosy and, of course, provides tailor-made shading of your room. You can choose from linenfold fabric with various levels of light penetration, shading fabric, with a steaming aluminium layer that eliminates the force of heat radiation, or fabric with a penetrative coating with a high level of light reflection.

3D blinds


3D shutters -Blinds are made up with a combination of Sheer Sunscreen and Solid Weave Fabric, when the solid fabric strips overlap light is blocked out and light is let in when the sheer fabric strips overlap. Worked by side chain, it can move the shade to see through the stripes or on the other hand to withdraw the visually impaired totally taking into account finish perspective of the window.​

Thermal blinds


Company has developed an innovative new blind design incorporating horizontal blades and solar control films. This system's aesthetic and clean functional design is ideally suited for use on level or pitched roofs, a very popular solar control solution for verandas and skylights.

To make things easy, these exclusive horizontal blinds can be operated either by means of a fixed switch or with a remote control.

Blinds Day&Night


If you’re looking for window blinds that can provide you with privacy through the day, while still letting the light in, and keep the world out at night, take a look at our day and night blinds.

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