Natalja Kubasova / Riga Secondarz School No. 15

«Thanks to the thermo blinds, it became easier to work with                                                                            

the computer and with projectors, screens and interactive whiteboards»

Rihards Eigims /Entrepreneur

«With the choice of shades offered by your company, our windows

and doors can create individual design that creates good work habits»

Ināra Ostrovska /Director of Daugavpils Construction Engineering

«Blinds set up by BS elite increases the kids success and concentration»

Monvids Švarcs /The chairman of the Rezekne council

«Your blinds are simultaneously placed through daylight and Protects rooms from sun and heat»

Ināra Oleņa / Director of the Special School of Pelci


«Thanks to the installed blinds, our school corridor was more pleasant to enter»

Sergejs Jakovlevs /Director of the municipality Ludza

«After installing blinds, we do not feel the need for  the air conditioner»

Igors Golubevs/Employer

«Thanks to the installation blinds, the cost of heat decreased by 20-40%»

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