3D blinds


3D shutters - the name of blinds indicates that the product also characterizes the space dimension. This effect is due to the moving, fabric fragments arranged horizontally between two vertical planes of the translucent net. Balancing between these three intricately co-ordinated layers of fabric has never been so spectacular in your interior. Its intensity can be determined simply by using a chain, laying horizontal strips at any angle. Visually, 3D blinds are second to none. It definitely stands out from other roller blinds, innovation and modern colors. This type of blinds are mounted on the principle of a free roller, ie invasively and solidly. Thanks to that, you can decide yourself where the wall or the niche you are installing the shutter. 

 3D Blinds are made up with a combination of Sheer Sunscreen and Solid Weave Fabric, when the solid fabric strips overlap light is blocked out and light is let in when the sheer fabric strips overlap. Worked by side chain, it can move the shade to see through the stripes or on the other hand to withdraw the visually impaired totally taking into account finish perspective of the window.​Light Filtering 3D Blinds are also known as transitional shades. They offer both sheer and light filtering fabrics in the same shade that create a zebra like pattern. Beautifully diffused light and room darkening privacy make our sheer 3D Blinds the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom and study. Leave your shades open during daytime hours and gain incredible view-through, close them partially to protect your family and home from harmful UV rays and intense light, or shut them completely at night for the privacy you need. 3D Blinds give your home the sleek, contemporary look you love — but with the easy functionality you need in a shade.

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