Insect screen II

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121.00 €/m2


Certified pleated mesh is made of quality material, resistant to rain, UV rays and wind. Pleated insect screens have a significant share of energy savings a soundproofing of background noise of buildings.
The pleated insect screens always work,
even after they have not been used for a long time, as there are no mechanisms or boxes.
They can be easily disasembled and washed.
  • With this new unique patented design SqualoNet allows you to easily slide the Pleated screen open or closed and it will stop wherever you desire.
  • Unlike Spring-loaded retractable screens SqualoNet has no Roll and moves across your opening with ease.
  • The Pleated SqualoNet comes in many forms including one-way draw and centre opening, and can even be used in a window!
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