DUO blinds I

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75.00 €/m2


  • Colour: bronze + ct


Sometimes you need more from your blind. When one blind just won’t cut the mustard, try one of our double roller blinds and get more of what you need. Double roller blinds are a combination of stylish blockout roller fabrics in a collection of colours, textures and designs. They’re there to keep the sun at bay and ensure perfect privacy at all times. What’s more, they’re made from polyester so they wipe clean easily and can take a bit of kitchen or bathroom moisture.On the back, you have one of our famous SunScreen blinds. This voile fabric has amazing magical properties. Firstly, it stops the glare while still allowing the sunlight to gently permeate your home, bathing it in a lovely glow. It also serves to give you a view to the outside so you can enjoy your garden or simply the world around you. Not only that, when you look through from the outside it blocks your view, allowing you complete privacy. 

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